Tinian may be alternative for Marines on Okinawa

This is an interesting offer..
Any Okinawa Marines have comments on this?

Pacific island Tinian may be alternative for Marines on Okinawa

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  • Dick Lancaster

    >I can't remember the ship I was on but we docked at Tinian in 1975. Aside from the overgrown tarmac, much of the island was still full of WWII debris, including unexploded ordinance. That lush tropical carpet is actually vines growing over sharp coral. It's a 8 square mile island and I don't know where you would pull liberty. But if they're considering Marines to station there, shouldn't they let the Army have it first so it can be properly condemned?

  • LavaDog

    >I don't see this happening. Way to much to be built on Tinian. Guam is a perfect fit and Tinian would be used as a training site.

    Not all Marines will leave Oki. Wherever they move to I just hope they take the Jungle Warfare Course with them.

  • MacQ

    >When I was stationed on Guam, the SeaBees would do their version of the MCCRES on aboard Tinian and the Marines of the Barracks would act as aggressors.

    The Marines are moving off Oki and will be relocated to Guam – the problem is, there's only so much Guam there. There is almost nothing on Tinian so I can see why they would be lobbying to get something there.


  • OkieRover

    >I grew up on Guam. I know when the Philippines kicked us out Guam took on the sailors to some extent. I thought Japan would eventually grow tired of the Marines on Okinawa. I never was sent to "The Rock" as it was called. I don't know any Marines that ever talked fondly about it.