I Fought For You By The Sound Tank

I only post the good stuff…
Support our Troops – Remember our Veterans

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  • Bryan Zardeneta

    >Very moving and emotional. It still irks me when servicemen/women salute indoors without a cover though. Still, a great video.

  • Bulldog

    >I don't normally shed tears, but that was a powerful reminder… Semper Fi, to ALL my brothers & sisters out there regardless of your branch of service… Bulldog 43

  • Anonymous

    >it gave me goose bump i had a dad that was a Marine he died when i was 13 my step dad now was a navy seabe i salute them both for fighting for my freedom

  • Anonymous

    >Thanks Wally:
    Thanks for all you do for Popasmoke,thanks for keeping our Marine Corps history where others can understand the worlds most disciplined and best trained military world wide.
    See you next week in Reno
    Semper Fi,

  • Anonymous

    >Thanks for posting, Wally.

  • gma213

    >Well, now that I can see again…I never realized how much we owe to those old men until I lost my dad a few years ago. Just never gave much thought before then to who made a safe world for little girls like me to grow up in. Every scrap of liberty we still have, and every breath of free air we draw, we owe to them. We have really let them down by allowing power-grabbing politicians to erode what they paid for in blood.

  • SerenSojo71

    >This brought tears to my eyes. You truly only post the good stuff. Thank you!