Compilation of soldiers coming home and surprising their families!

Be forewarned, this is cool.

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  • Anonymous

    >I'm very touched by this video. Welcome back boys. Btw i'm can't stand the way this image is used as propaganda. Army sent you in irak to 'recover the democracy' (big joke anyway), and then using your images to pull tears from us ! I'm glad those one came back, but how many came back in a chair … or in a box ? and this for what ? oil ? Money ?

    Imagine i intentionnaly break your children leg, would you mind if i make a video of when he goes out the hospital ? Don't you mind if i show this video telling that his hapiness is due to me ? that's the same thing Anyway, i really admire the GI that serves they're country, i just can't bear the country who use them for bad reasons.

  • Energy 2 Green Review

    >It is too bad that these people serve their country under the pretense of 'freedom fighters' when it is merely serving the interest of the global elite as they move us towards a global, post-democratic society. The club of rome wrote about their plans to invave Afghanistan Iraq, Iran and then Syria (in that order) decades ago and considering they are the bankrollers for this self-serving activity and heads of the foundations in the parallel govenment pushing the nation state's agendas forward through bureaucrats, this would be an unthinkable coincidence were it not an example of their indefatigable execution. They said they need to 'stabilize' these areas (in other words eliminate their sovereignty) before they could accomplish their global post democratic society, or the age of austerity which we are seeing glimpses of now. They give us whatever excuse that triggers the pavlovian response we've been trained for through the media. You can't tell the children the cold truth or expect them to be able to work through the hard facts, so you tell them what they call 'the noble lie.' The Rand report, from the thinktank that serves these Elites and acts as a covert arm of the goverment, predicts food shortages and riots in the US by 2012 and earlier in Europe. Meanwhile the Pentagon is building ultra-modern fortresses the size of cities in Iraq with taxpayer money. Maybe, just maybe, that could have something to do with the fact that they are folding the tent back home and planning their next move on the chess board that they've made of this world. They are 'global citizens' after all. We are already post-democratic. Yet we think most of our rights are being taken away to protect us from people in caves in far off lands. Just wait till it all truly comes home. Then what you've read here will hit home and it'll likely be too late to do a damn thinga about it.

  • Anonymous

    >god bless the america and the troops who serve in it. You are not american if you don't have tears in your eyes after watching this clip.

  • Mike R

    >I had to get tissues before I could post this comment. God bless our troops and their families.

  • Anonymous

    >Very touching . .

  • Anonymous

    >Family is what it's all about – this made me cry from beginning to end. Great!

  • Anonymous

    >Semper Fi…

  • Anonymous


  • M-Cat

    >My son is just a recruit and hasn't even left for bootcamp, and this made me bawl like an effing baby! Great post, will have to share it on FB

  • womanNshadows

    >i remember those days. my Marine, my Dragon, are separated by his deployment to Heaven now, but, oh, yes, i remember those days. thank you for giving me a sweet reminder. God bless our men and women who serve now.