Chosin Reservoir

It has been 57 years this past week since the battle of the Chosin Reservoir in Korea – during the dates of November 27 – December 11 – 1950

US Marine Casualties-Honors

17 Medals of Honor
70 Navy Crosses
12 Distinguished Service Crosses
3,000 KIA
6,000 WIA
9,000 Purple Hearts

All this in only a 14 day period – it is considered the Most Decorated Battle in U.S. Military History.

The battle included

1st Marine Division
2 Battalions of 7th Division-Army
1,200 British Royal Marine Commandos

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  • Beverly

    >Thank you for this page. My Father, A. “Pat” Burris
    USMC (Ret.) and all the brave Marines he served with who showed
    typical Marine Corps courage and honor under unbelievable hardships,
    appreciate this recognition.